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Digital Billboard Advertising Cost

Wed Aug 18 2021

Digital billboards are the modern incarnation of the traditional billboards which have been around for decades. The digital upgrade allows these billboards to provide advertising opportunities which were not available with static billboards. These features make out of home (OOH) advertising accessible to many more businesses through the features and campaign types that they make possible. These same features contribute to determining the cost of billboard advertising.

As noted above, digital billboards are similar to static billboards but utilize a digital display instead of the printed medium of traditional billboards. There are many kinds of digital billboards and signage. Here we will cover four of the major types available to advertisers.

Types of Digital Billboards

Digital OOH advertising has become a desirable form of business and social promotion due to its ability to capture the attention of potential customers when they are less likely to be distracted by other media.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is small-scale (relative to full-sized billboards) screens which enable the delivery of promotional messages to audiences outside of their homes. Digital signage can appear in a variety of locations including store windows, shopping malls, restaurants, and even museums. These signs can deliver dynamic and even targeted content which is location- or time-specific.

Smart or Interactive Billboards

Smart or interactive billboards are a type of digital billboard which are designed to react dynamically to their environment, modify the messaging, and even collect information about the audience. With their ability to target audiences with customized messages these billboards are able to capture the attention of passers by, and keep their attention by utilizing their feedback to further customize the experience.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are the modern counterpart of traditional static billboards which use high-tech screens to deliver bright and even dynamic messages. Digital billboards also enable advertisers to buy ad-space based on impressions, and even deliver their message based on time and date requirements.

Full Motion Digital Billboards

Full motion digital billboards are one of the latest advancements in the billboard advertising market. In addition to all the benefits of a digital billboard, they enable fully dynamic content like video, and animation. This opens up a wealth of opportunities, especially for large campaigns which budgets to match the visuals that they would like to deliver.

Where to Buy Digital Billboard Space

Digital billboard and signage space can be purchased directly from media owners like KEVANI, and self-serve platforms like KEVANI+

Some businesses have digital signage that they rent out for advertising, but these are only useful for hyper-local campaigns. Most of the time these signs only promote the products and services of the establishment itself.

For larger and more wide-reaching campaigns billboard advertising specialists, buyers or online platforms are the right solution. Platforms such as KEVANI+ help advertisers to buy, set up, run, and track a campaign with a relatively smaller budget. For larger and more sophisticated campaigns which require planning and research, working with a media specialist or media owner directly like KEVANI will help make the campaign a success. In many cases working with a media specialist is a requirement as billboard owners and operators will have exclusive arrangements with media owners. 

How Much Does a Digital Billboard Cost

Like anything else that has a price, there are many different factors that impact the cost of a digital billboard. The below considerations will impact the cost of a digital billboard advertising campaign.

  • Design - If there are design needs that require the input of an outside advertising professional or one employed by a media specialist, this would impact the cost of a given campaign.

  • Location - Location, location location! The old real estate saying goes for billboards as well—the location of a billboard will directly impact the cost of advertising on it. The more prominent and high-traffic the location, the more expensive it will be.

  • Length of Campaign - Similar to buying products wholesale or retail, shorter campaigns will have a relatively higher cost, all else being equal. Buying large blocks of time on a billboard will result in lower per unit-of-time cost.

  • Car & Pedestrian Traffic - The cost of a digital billboard campaign also depends on the amount and type of traffic to which the billboard is exposed.

  • Demographics - The demographics of the potential audience of a billboard will impact the cost of advertising at a given location.

  • Impressions - Since digital billboards have the capability of running multiple campaigns at a time, advertisers can choose a campaign which is based on impressions. These impressions can be controlled to target a specific budget. It is important to note that not every digital billboard may have this capability.

  • Time of Year - The cost of a campaign may also be affected by the time of year. For example, during the height of the Christmas shopping season, digital signage/billboard locations near high foot-traffic retail locations will cost more.

  • Static or Full Motion - As one might expect, a full motion digital billboard will cost more than a static digital billboard. This is due to the additional technological capabilities which full motion billboards need to support.

General Guide to Billboard Advertising Cost

The prices below represent a general point of reference for businesses looking to launch their first digital OOH advertising campaign.

  • Static Digital Billboards: $550 per day

  • Full Motion Digital Billboards: $2,200 per day

  • Digital Spectaculars: $1,000 per day

  • Traditional Static Billboards: $550 per day