About Digital Billboard Advertising | KEVANI+

Types of Digital Billboards

All of our digital billboard inventory is iconic, large scale, and placed in preferred areas in the Los Angeles DMA. Half of our inventory can support full motion (video) content and the other half can support static digital images. All of our displays can support dynamic content and we encourage all of our clients to push the envelope and make content that’s contextually relevant for the audience.

Do you provide creative services?

We currently do not provide creative services. Please contact us if you need designer referrals.

Do you provide Photos & Videos of my creative?

Photos of your ad posted on the purchased inventory will be provided to you by end of your campaign. If you purchase a two-week campaign, we will provide you a video of your ad and the surrounding area in addition to the photos.

Are your impressions audited?

Yes, all of our inventory is audited and rated by Geopath. Geopath generates standard audience measurements for the out of home media industry. Currently, they provide us with demographic-specific impressions, rating points, and reach & frequency measures. They also establish and supervise practices for the collection, recording, authentication, and verification of traffic and other data related to the measurement of audience location.

Do you provide agency accounts? 

Yes. Agency accounts provide a refined process to make purchasing campaign space even easier. Please contact us for more information.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we provide credit card & ACH options at check out.

Are you selling remnant or unsold space?

No. We offer premium inventory only. We are expanding our offerings to provide users the ability to purchase ad space in one-week increments online, versus the conventional four-week programs purchased through our traditional sales channels.

Is this programmatic?

No, this is not a programmatic offering. It’s an automated purchasing platform that utilizes our existing assets.